Edinbrook Elementary Family Bingo Night Volunteer

Dated: November 17 2018

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I volunteered for a really nice event put on at Edinbrook Elementary School tonight, the school is located in Brooklyn Park.  The bingo night was put on by the PTO of the school, there was a really big turn out , I don't think they anticipated the turn-out they received.  There were lots of great prizes that were all donated by located companies and people in the community.  I helped sale candy, which was a big hit with the kids.   Needless to say my family didn't get a bingo, my little one is hoping to receive a call that she won the beautiful american girl doll that was one of the raffle items.   I just want to thank Edinbrook for putting on such a fun family event, even though some of the families had to sit on the floor, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The thing that was so awesome to me was the many cultures that Edinbrook has, it is truly a diverse school.   I am planning to continue to volunteer this school year as I am able, and hopefully  next year The Chambers Team will volunteer an item to the event.  

Do you volunteer? What are some of the events that you have the pleasure of volunteering for? Could you suggest some organizations or events that might need the help of a real estate professional?

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